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Lending a Helping Hand

Healing with Grace

Providing Individual and Couples Therapy

There are times for all of us when navigating life, loss, and the challenges in between feels overwhelming.  Often in these moments stress can disrupt your sleep, lessen your patience, or harden your words.  You may experience new challenges at work, in your relationships, with your children, or with yourself.  It's important to know that you are not alone.

Whether you found your way to this site because you are trying to navigate one of life's challenges or because you are seeking support and guidance on how to navigate grief, I admire your strength in taking this first step and I hope to help.

Common areas others have found support with include: anxiety, caregiving, dementia, first responders, grief, healthcare, parenting, relationships, survivorship, work/life balance, and more.

Below you will find a brief overview of the services available, as well as those available to help support businesses and their employees.

Who, Why, and How

My name is Michelle Upton and I have been providing support to individuals, couples and families for more than 10 years as they navigate life and loss.  As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, I can offer guidance and teachable skills through a specialized lens that will promote positive self care, increase confidence, and improve perspective.

Services for Individuals and Couples

Navigating Change

Navigating Healthcare

Navigating Grief

Navigating in Woods

Our lives are constantly changing, and we hope that for the most part we can adjust and maybe even embrace what each change brings.  Yet there are also moments when we might have more difficulty, and this can catch us off guard.  These experiences may involve our relationships, careers, family dynamics, parenting, or our sense of self, and can leave us feeling unsure of how to move forward.  Through honest and clear communication we can explore your hopes and worries, establish tangible next steps, and create lasting change in how you approach life's ups and downs in the future.

For most, navigating our own health needs and the healthcare of loved ones is not intuitive.  Unfortunately, we often find ourselves learning as we go, which can easily and understandably become overwhelming.  I hope to help lessen some of the uncertainty.  We can do this together by exploring your goals and hopes as well as your concerns and questions as it relates to your medical care and your life as a whole.  Together we can establish concrete next steps so that you feel more comfortable and confident in your ability to advocate for yourself and your loved ones.

I am sincerely so sorry for your loss whether recent or in the past.  Losing someone we love is something we are never ready for, regardless of how much time we did or did not have to prepare.  I would love the opportunity to hear from you about your loved one, and to listen to the joyful memories as well as the difficult ones.  Together we can explore the areas you feel you are navigating well, and the areas where you feel support and guidance could be helpful.  There is no time limit on grief, and it is unique to each individual.  I consider it a privilege to offer support during this difficult time.

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Services for your Business

Work/Life Wellness Seminars- As we continue to pursue personal and professional success, we often face challenges that negatively impact our life satisfaction, professional development, and productivity.  Allow Healing with Grace to come to your business and provide your staff and colleagues with an hour long seminar focused on improving each individual's overall sense of wellness.  Return to work with more focus, improved perspective and confidence in your abilities.  Lunch included! 

Goals of Care Support & Education- Living with a chronic or terminal illness can often cause such worry and stress that you feel almost paralyzed.  Then come the conversations around goals of care and advance directives.  Too often these conversations are started too late, when patients and their families are overcome with anticipatory grief.  Healing with Grace clinicians can offer education and support to your staff and community when navigating these important and sensitive discussions.  Our clinicians can also actively participate in these conversations with those you care for, or accept referrals in order to continue these discussions outpatient.

Monthly Consultation Compliance- Each month a Healing with Grace LICSW will spend time at your facility, providing education, support, and assistance to your social work staff in an effort to decrease risk of burnout, increase employee retention, and ensure compliance with state requirements. 

Clinical Supervision Hours toward your LICSW- Meet weekly for 1 hour with an experienced LICSW to explore your educational and professional goals, gain opportunities for networking, and earn hours toward your LICSW exam. 

Offer CEUs to your Staff- Healing with Grace will come to you and provide educational courses on a variety of topics such as Advanced Directives Documentation, Avoiding Professional Burnout, Providing Emotional Support at End of Life, Initiating Goals of Care Discussions, Assessing for Bereavement Risk, De-escalating Behaviors associated with Dementia, Promoting Safe Discharge Plans, Navigating Family Dynamics, etc. Connect with our team to learn which courses are being offered now and Earn CEUs while enjoying complimentary refreshments.  

Email for rates, availability, and scheduling.

Where To Begin

Initial Phone Consultation

During this complimentary 10 minute Phone Consultation we will explore your areas of need, identify your goals, and establish next steps, while being mindful of your time and your resources.
To ensure we may be a good match, you will be asked to complete a brief intake when scheduling a call. If for some reason we are not a good match, you will be given instructions on how to seek another provider.
If there are no openings available, please check-in again or simply email

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sessions available in person, virtually, or hybrid? This service provides virtual sessions only. 

How do I schedule an appointment? Either by selecting a day and time on the calendar above to initiate your free 10 minute consultation or by emailing to get started

What age range do you serve? At this time we serve individuals 18 years and older

When are sessions held?  Daytime and evening hours are available

Which insurances are accepted? Currently we do not accept insurance plans. This is a private pay service. Clients are, however, encouraged to contact their insurance provider to determine if you are reimbursed for seeing an out of network provider. Many plans reimburse up to 80% which is similar to paying a copay!

I can't even put into words how much you have helped me, but I just want to say Thank you.


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